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Expedition Series
JDK50E111(1HOSE 1Pump)
External Dimension:1010x490x2150(mm)
Technical Specificatons

Components Installed(standard): 

1.LanFeng Electronic Unit 



4.Automatic Nozzle. 

5. Ex-Motor 


Technical Specifications: 

1.Accuracy: ±0.3% 

2.Frequency: 50HZ±1HZ/60HZ±1HZ 

3.Delivery Rate: 5 to 50L/min 

4.Rating Power: 0.75KW 

5.Measurbale Minimum: 5L 

6.Ambient Humidity: 30% to 90% 

7.Noise: ≤80dB(A)

8.Ambient Temperature: -40℃ to +60℃ 

9.Inlet Vacuum: ≥0.06MPa 

10.Anti-Explosive ID: Exdm[ib]ib Ⅱ AT3  

11.Anti-Explosive Certificate Number:CE011154 CE011155 CE011156 CE011157 

12.Totalizer Range:0.00 to 99999999999.99 

14.Range of Price: 0.01 to 99999 

15.License of Manufacturing Metric Instrument:ZheZi00000625 

16.Preset Min Value: 0.01 to 0.99L 

17.Power Supply: AC380V±20% or AC220V±20% 

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